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Das Alte Werk Handel Belshazzar (3 CD) Серия: Das Alte Werk инфо 5987l.
Das Alte Werk Handel Belshazzar (3 CD) Серия: Das Alte Werk инфо 5987l.

Автор музыки: Георг Гендель Все исполнители CD 1 01 Ouverture Act One Scene 1 02 Nitocris (Accompagnato ed Arioso): "Vain, fluctuating state" 03 Nitocris (Air): "Thou, God most аыоухhigh" 04 Nitocris (Recitative): "The fate of Babylon" Nitocris: Daniel (Recitative): "Oh much belov'd" 05 Daniel (Air): "Lament not thus" Scene 2 06 Chorus of Babylonians: "Behold, by Persia's hero made" 07 Gobrias; Cyrбкеъиus (Recitative): "Well may they laugh" Gobrias (Accompagnato): "Oh memory!" 08 Gobrias (Air): "Oppress'd with never-ceasing grief" 09 Cyrus (Air): "Dry those unavailing tears" 10 Cyrus (Recitative): "Be comforted" Cyrus (Accorapagnato): "Methought, as on the batik" Cyrus; Gobrias (Recitative): "Now tell me" 11 Gobrias (Air): "Behold the monstrous human beast" 12 Cyrus (Recitative): "Can you thenбрытр think" Cyrus (Air): "Great God! who, yet but darkly known" Cyrus (Recitative): "My friends, be confident" 13 Chorus: "All empires" Scene 3 14 Daniel (Arioso); "Oh sacred oracles" 15 Daniel (Accompagnato): "Rejoice, my countrymen" Daniel (Recitative): "For long ago" Daniel (Accompagnato): "Thus saith the Lord" 16 Chorus: "Sing, oh ye heav'ns!" CD 2 Scene 4 01 Belshazzar (Air): "Let festal joy" 02 Belshazzar; Nitocris (Recitative): "For you, my friends" 03 Nitocris (Air); "The leafy honours" 04 Belshazzar; Nitocris (Recitative): "It is the custom" 05 Chorus of Jews: "Recall, oh king!" 06 Nitocris; Belshazzar (Recitative): "They tell you true" 07 Nilocris, Belshazzar (Duct): "Oh dearer than my life" 08 Chorus of Jews; "By slow degrees" Act Two Scene 1 09 Chorus: "See, from his post" 10 бткмхCyrus (Recitative): "You see, my friends" Cyrus (Air): "Amaz'd to find the foe so near" 12 Chorus of Persians: 'To arms, to arms'" Scene 2 12 Chorus- of Babylonians: "Ye tutelar gods" 13 Belshazzar (Air): "Let the deep bowl" Belshazzar (Accompagnato): "Where is the God" Chorus; Belshazzar: "Help, help the king!" Belshazzar (Recitative): "Call all my Wise Men" 14 A Symphonie Belshazzar (Recitative): "Ye sages!” Wise Men (Trio): "Alas! too hard a task" 15 Chorus: "Oh misery!" CD 3 01 Nitocris (Recitative); "Oh king" Belshazzar (Recitative): "Art thou that Daniel' 02 Daniel (Air): "No! to thyself” Daniel (Accompagnato): "Yet to obey” Daniel (Accompagnato): "Thou, o king" Nitocris (Recitative): "Oh sentence too severe!" 03 Nitocris (Air): "Regard, oh son" Scene 3 04 Cyrus (Air): "Oh God of Truth!" Cyrus (бтцепRecitative): "You, Gobrias, lead directly to the palace" 05 Chorus: "Oh glorious prince!" Act Three Scene 1 06 Nitocris (Air): "Alternate hopes and fears" 07 Nitocris; Daniel (Recitative): "Fain would I hope" Daniel (Air): "Can the black Aethiop change his skin?" 08 Nitocris; Arioch; Messenger (Recitative): "My hopes revive” 09 Chorus of Jews: "Bel boweth down!' Scene 2 10 Belshazzar (Air): "I thank thee, Sesach" A martial Symphony Scene 3 11 Gobrias (Air); "To pow’r immortal" 12 Cyrus (Recitative): "Be it thy care" Cyrus (Air): "Destructive War" 13 Nitocris, Cyrus (Duet): "Great victor" 14 Cyrus; Daniel (Recitative): "Say, venerable prophet" 15 Soli and Chorus: "Tell it out" Cyrus (Accompagnato): "Yes, I will build the city" 16 Soli and Chorus (Anthem): "I will magnify thee" Ремастированное издание Многострабтытлничный буклет содержит тексты произведений и дополнительную информацию на английском, немецком и французском языках Исполнители (показать всех исполнителей) Николаус Арнонкур Nikolaus Harnoncourt Фелисити Палмер Felicity Palmer Пол Эссвуд Paul Esswood.

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